Impeller And Compressor Wheel Castings Manufacturing Process

Turbotech manufacture their Aluminium impeller and compressor wheel castings to the highest standards.

The manufacturing process operated by Turbotech has been developed over many years and is unique to the company. This is supplemented in production with state-of-the-art equipment from the start of the process to the final balancing of the wheels.

Lean Manufacturing techniques are constantly applied to all aspects of the Turbotech process to improve efficiency and quality of the product. The whole workforce and management are involved in these activities.

To meet the demanding standards required by our customers, it is essential to have the best equipment and the highest possible control over the manufacturing process. Turbotech is well equipped with all the required facilities within the organisation, apart from Hipping which is sub-contracted.



Turbotech manufactures  cast aluminium impeller and compressor wheels for the cold end of diesel turbochargers, particularly for trucks and heavy vehicles.

Turbotech’s products are also used for passenger car turbochargers.

Turbotech supplies its products to the HVAC ,vacuum and aerospace  industries where the air-flow characteristics of the end product are well-served by Turbotech’s high quality manufacturing process.

The unique process developed by Turbotech enables their products to meet the stringent high life-cycle requirements demanded by the original equipment manufacturers of the many industries it supplies.



Copper mould cavities are used to make rubber patterns for any new types of wheel. This ensures the most repeatable quality and definition and long tool life.



Metal preparation is paramount and the latest rotary degassing techniques are employed when melting the aluminium to ensure the cleanest possible material.



Filtration techniques are employed as an additional precaution to eliminate oxides. An inert atmosphere is also employed during the pouring process.



Turbotech can provide fully finished impeller and Compressor Wheel Castings – machined and balanced in their new facility, ready for assembly into customer’s products ( to the turbocharger). A state-of-the-art balancing machine has been installed to enable on-site finishing to the high standards required by the industries we serve.



Turbotech produce all their rubber patterns in-house using the latest techniques. This enables patterns to be replaced after a set number of castings have been produced to ensure that only prime quality patterns are used.



A smooth flow of metal into the mould is essential to minimise turbulence which would result in the formation of oxides. Turbotech use their own technique of counter gravity pouring which is controlled by computer.



Modern heat-treatment units are used with rapid quench facilities for all castings.



Hot Isostatic Pressing is used where called for by customers. This process enhances the microstructure and fatigue properties of the castings.

Turbotech – A High Integrity Process

Only a few companies in the world have the capability to produce high quality aluminium impeller and compressor wheel castings. This is a brief description of the process.

A rubber replica (or pattern) of the compressor wheel is produced in a metal die and this is covered by a specially formulated plaster slurry, to form a mould. After hardening, the rubber pattern is carefully removed, leaving the negative shape in the mould. The rubber patterns can be used many times but the plaster mould is only used once.

Aluminium is melted and then introduced into the mould to produce the cast component. After cooling, the plaster is removed from around the metal casting. The feeder system is cut away from the casting which is then cleaned by blasting. The casting is then processed further and finally heat-treated and inspected.

Depending on customer’s requirements, additional operations may include x-ray, dye-penetrant inspection, ultrasonic and other testing. Enhanced mechanical strength and fatigue properties can be achieved using hot isostatic pressing (HIP).

At this time, the raw casting can be machined, balanced and part-marked prior to shipment from our machine shop facilities

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