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Turbotech Precision Products Ltd has a dedicated team who are proud of their reputation for high quality, on-time deliveries and excellent customer service.  As a company specialising entirely in the manufacture of aluminium impeller and compressor wheel castings, Turbotech have developed their own manufacturing process and have installed state-of-the-art equipment, designed to provide high integrity castings, fast manufacturing and a quick response to customer demands. An all-new machine shop includes CNC turning, balancing, computerised measuring and comprehensive testing facilities, enabling the manufacture of finished compressor wheels ready for assembly.


Turbotech manufactures cast aluminium impeller and compressor wheels for the cold end of diesel turbochargers, particularly for trucks and heavy vehicles.

Turbotech’s products are also used for passenger car turbochargers.

Turbotech supplies its products to the HVAC ,vacuum and aerospace  industries where the air-flow characteristics of the end product are well-served by Turbotech’s high quality manufacturing process.

The unique process developed by Turbotech enables their products to meet the stringent high life-cycle requirements demanded by the original equipment manufacturers of the many industries it supplies.



Turbotech can supply raw castings or fully finished Impeller and Compressor Wheels, machined and balanced using their state-of-the-art balancing facility. See further details on the Manufacturing & Process page.



We are able to supply medium to high annual quantities and as we have great flexibility with our manufacturing process. We are pleased to support our customers where requirements are only a few hundred per year.



Wheels manufactured by Turbotech range from 35mm to over  210 mm in diameter.



Castings are manufactured in aluminium alloys mainly to 712, 354 and 355 specifications and to customers’ own variations of these alloys. Prime quality aluminium ingot is used to ensure the highest integrity.



Turbotech supplies its product to customers in East and West Europe, North America, South America, Mexico, China and Japan and other countries around the globe.



All the compressor wheels we produce are to our customers’ own designs. For new items we produce tooling from customers’ CAD designs, drawings, or from a supplied master model.

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